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The CirqueFit Team

Our amazing team photos were taken by our talented partners at Southern Utah Boudoir.

Jane Haynie

Founder & Executive Director

Jane began her aerial dance journey in 2016 at the age of 35, attending pole classes in Fort Collins, CO. As her skills improved, she found a passion for performing and co-founded aerial dance troupe, Sirens of the North, with her pole besties. The troupe produced incredible shows at notable venues across Denver and northern Colorado. In 2018, she expanded her skills and training to aerial hoop, soon after bringing them to southern Utah where she now basks in the desert sun with her family and dogs. Jane is a marketing tech writer by day, and hopes to build a community of inclusiveness, openness, and acceptance in southern Utah.


JayLynn Trapp

Pole Instructor & Assistant Manager

JayLynn has been pole dancing for over 6 years. She got her start at a studio in Salt Lake City where she fell in love with pole, taught intro and beginner pole classes, and trained in aerial silks. As former Army, she knows how to get results from herself and her students! In her free time, she loves boating at Lake Powell, bowling, and spending time with boyfriend and her second mate, a golden retriever named Riley.


Samantha Ivy

Pole Instructor

Previously an instructor at Steele Roses Pole Dance Boutique (formerly Organic Gravity) in Columbus, MS, Samantha has been pole dancing for five years. She has a background in live entertainment, theatre, and FM radio. She has performed onstage everywhere from the Pole Sports Organization to the Mynx Extravaganza, STL Pole Show, and the O'Haras drag circuit, and is extremely passionate about helping other dancers find confidence and freedom in their own unique style and swag!


Parker Jenson

Pole Instructor

Parker has trained in several varieties of dance over twelve years — in 2022, she added pole to her repertoire! Parker has a background in group fitness and gymnastics instruction, and is extremely excited to share her passion for body positivity and empowerment with other dancers who are discovering the fun and excitement of pole dancing.


Zussette Sanchez

Twerk & Chair Instructor

Zussette has a strong pole and dance background with instructor certifications in twerk, lap dance, and pole. Her favorite and most preferred dance variations include twerk, lap dance, strip tease and burlesque. She also participates in a variety of classes at Millennium Dance Complex Las Vegas: Latin Dance, heels, and hip-hop.


Gus Gus

First Mate

Gus has been a staple at CirqueFit and a major supporter of Jane’s aerial journey. A fan of spinning while chasing his tail, cheerleading stretches and warmups, and cross-training with Jane on hikes and rock climbs, Gus is an essential employee at the studio.

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